From bookkeeping to tax, Ledgerowl is the all-in-one AI powered financial solution that your business can trust.

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Better business decisions start from financial reports

Upload or connect to source data and our AI accounting automation will generate your financial reports.

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Why forward-thinking business owners choose Ledgerowl


Our plan start from as low as Rp 825,000/month

Daily operations

Upload and receive your bookkeeping and ready to file taxes.


Independent and clear. We even provide monthly meetings to discuss financials and taxes.

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It’s time to take control of your books. Join with us so you can feel like you’re doing something productive.

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We reduce your monthly financial admin cost and simplify it for you.

Additional Services

We understand that your business has other specific needs. No worries! We are here to provide all-in-one financial back-office services.

Financial Operation
You don’t want to hire an extra admin to do your repetitive tasks, such as invoicing and multiple cash disbursements. We are here for you!
Legal Service
Do you need to change shareholders in your company? Do you need to incorporate a PT/CV/Yayasan? Need Virtual Office as your address?
Employees are an essential part of your business. Ensure the monthly process of rewarding them is as easy as possible!

Frequently asked questions

Let us help you to go through one of the most critical decisions to build a thriving business.

    • Why is accounting important?

      Few good reasons! Better planning and decision-making process of your business is one. Also, to ensure you fulfill your tax obligation to the government!

    • How do I calculate my tax liability?

      There are many ways to calculate your tax owed. But this will only be possible if you have proper bookkeeping to begin with.

    • Why shouldn’t I hire internally?

      Hiring costs are increasing every year. You can always compare our pricing with the costs of salary, insurance, and benefits of hiring internal staff.

    • How does the accounting process work?

      You only need to submit your data via our platform and the report will be generated for you. It is that simple!

    • Will I have someone to talk to?

      Certainly! When the monthly report is available for you to review, our accountant will request an online meeting to discuss any questions you might have.

    • Why or Accurate are cheaper?

      We call these solutions “tools-only " meaning you still have to do extra work or hire someone to get your report. Ledgerowl helps you get the report without the complicated processes in between.

    • In what form should I submit my data?

      You can submit your data in PDF or Excel format, and our technology will do the rest. Alternatively, you can also log in to your bank or other platforms within our platform to avoid the hassle.

    • How do I pay for your service?

      We believe in the importance of cash flow for business owners. Hence, we charge our subscriptions fee on monthly basis via direct debit your credit card or monthly invoicing.

    • How do I start using your platform?

      Simply by sending us a message and we’ll get back to you to set up an online introduction meeting!